What Is LipSense®

LipSense® is a revolutionary line of SeneGence® combining science and nature and is changing the lipstick game all over the world.  LipSense® is a patented and unique formula of liquid lip color that is the original long lasting/kiss proof/smudge proof/waterproof/hubby and baby proof lipstick that can last up to 18 hours.  LipSense® is a liquid lip color that “molecularly bonds” to the skin; It is NOT a lip stain.  The proprietary formulations and color pigments in LipSense® create a mechanical shield to protect your lips from the sun’s harmful rays, wind, bacteria, free radicals and pollution.  LipSense® is LEAD FREE, WAX FREE, PARABEN FREE, GLUTEN FREE, NON GMO, KOSHER and VEGAN.  LipSense is also free of animal testing and made in the USA.

LipSense® comes in a wide variety with over 70 shades and 11 different glosses.  LipSense® is initially sold as a set.  The Starter Collection ($55.00) includes a LipSense® lip color of your choice, our Glossy Gloss, and Ooops! Remover.  LipSense itself has no moisture value.  Our glosses are what give moisture to the lips and help seal the color to its maximum staying power.  LipSense® glosses have a combination of ingredients including Shea butter and Vitamin E and have NO mineral oil, petroleum or artificial chemical wax.




How To Apply LipSense®

LipSense® recommends 3 layers of coverage for maximum staying power.

  • 1st layer – touches the skin’s pH and will begin to break down first and fastest.
  • 2nd layer – protected from the bottom, away from the skin’s pH, by the first layer.
  • 3rd layer – protects the second layer from the top down and prevents sheering of second layer of color by keeping away friction, saliva, and the natural environment.



Step 1: SHAKE your LipSense® tube to thoroughly mix the delivery system (SD40) and pigments together.

Step 2: Open your mouth and smile slightly to get a smooth surface and swipe the applicator across your top and bottom lips starting from one side and gliding to the other. DO NOT swipe the applicator back and forth! DO NOT SMACK YOUR LIPS TOGETHER. The first layer of color dries quickly.

Step 3: Swipe your second layer allowing it to dry about 10-15 seconds before applying the third layer.

Step 4: Swipe your third layer and allow it to dry another 10-15 seconds.

Step 5: Seal the Deal with one of ourLipSense® Moisturizing Glosses over the entire area of color.



  • You may feel a tingling sensation during the first couple of applications.  This is because your lips are DRY and not sufficiently moisturized.  As soon as you apply your gloss and the lips get hydrated, this feeling will disappear.  Be sure to apply one of our LipSense® Moisturizing Glosses throughout the day. I literally apply mine all day long; before I eat, after I eat, before bed and as soon as I feel dry.  It is magic!
  • If your lip color is flaking, don’t stress!LipSense® is working to exfoliate dead skin cells and previous wax build up on your lips from previous product.  Make sure to exfoliate the lips as well to help with the exfoliation process.  The peeling will fade within a week.  Don’t give up!
  • Throw away chapsticks and all other lip products containing wax!  Waxy products will preventLipSense® from maximizing its full potential.



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